Workshop Information

One of the things that makes our guild so special, besides each and every one of you, is the number of national level speakers our guild makes available to our members.  Our visitingteachers have distinguished themselves in their area of quilting.  Many have won significant awards, have numerous publications, and are happy to be coming to our guild.

Take a class, take two, take them all!  When you take a class, you are opening yourself up to learn and try new things, and to spend time with people that share your love of quilting.  You will also be learning from some of the best quilters around the country right here in Connecticut at one of the lowest rates available. You just can't beat the price, the talent, or the experience.

All full-day classes are $45 for members ($60 for non-members).*                      

All half-day (afternoon) classes are $25 for members ($30 for non-members).*

All one and one-half day classes (Monday afternoon and Tuesday) are $70 for members ($90 for non-members).*

*Some classes require a pattern or materials fee to be paid directly to the instructor.  This will be listed on our website.

If you are interested in signing up for any of the workshops, you must contact one of the program chairmen.  You can either give the program chairman your check at a guild meeting or send it to her in the mail once you have confirmed that there is space available in the workshop.  Your reservation will be confirmed immediately if the check is given at a meeting, or via e-mail or phone if it is mailed.   No spots will be held without payment.  Guild members will be given first chance at workshop attendance before any workshop is open to non-members.  All payments are non-refundable. No exceptions. You may find another member to take your place if you are unable to attend.  

Tips for making the most of your class experience:

1.  Visit our website 3 weeks in advance of the class at to print out your supply list and obtain all items on the supply list.  For a few classes, some things must be ordered in advance and will not be available from the teacher at the guild meeting or workshop.

2.  Please arrive at class about 30 minutes before it begins if at all possible.  You will need time to set up your supplies, iron your fabrics, grab a cup of coffee/tea, or ask the instructor a question.  This way the class can start on time with all participants ready to learn.

3. There are a few classes that are intermediate level or advanced beginner and up.  If you are not sure you are at this level, please ask before signing up.

4.  Make sure you know how to work your sewing machine.  Know how to troubleshoot any problems with tension, threading, bobbin winding etc.

5.  Remember, your attitude and words can positively or negatively affect others in the class.  Choose kindness.  

6. Along with your supplies, bring what you will need to make you comfortable sewing in the workshop environment.  You may want to bring a cushion for your chair to raise your body to a more comfortable sewing position if using a sewing machine.

7. For full day classes you may want to bring a bag lunch or plan on running out to a deli for take-out sandwich.  You will want to get the most out of your workshop experience and won't want to miss anything by trying to take lunch at a local restaurant.

Workshop cancellation and inclement weather policy:

During months with possible bad weather or snow storms, the guild follows the school closing schedule of the Trumbull School District.  

If information is known enough in advance, a special notice will be also be placed on the Home Page of this website.