Monday, October 6, 2014
Mickey Lawler
Confessions of a Blanket Lady


Meeting / Lecture


October 6, 2014

Mickey Lawler Lecture - Confessions of a Blanket Lady

Mickey Lawler and her SKYDYES have become synonymous with the finest hand painted sky, water, and landscape fabrics available to quilt makers and other fiber artists since 1984.  Mickey paints each piece of fabric individually to suggest textures and moods with subtle and rich color nuances.

In her talk, Confessions of a Blanket Lady, Mickey offers a personal, honest, sometimes poignant, often funny, definitely encouraging slide "journey" through 30 years in the life and career of a quilter - sure to entertain and touch a nerve of every quilter at some point in her own pursuit of quiltmaking.

For more information about Mickey Lawler and her SKYDYES, visit her website:


October 6, 2014 (1 - 4p)
Half-Day Workshop

Quilt Ideas & Brainstorming

A free mini-workshop for anyone who needs help with a technique or who wants a brainstorming session to share ideas, techniques, inspiration and resources for designs. Bring your lunch and a notebook, your ideas and your enthusiasm. There is Wi-Fi available at the church, so you can also bring your iPad or other wireless note-taking devices. No sewing machines needed.


October 7, 2014 (9:30a - 3:30p)

Workshop is Full !

Full-Day Workshop     (Setup begins at 9a)

Class Fee $35
Materials Fee (payable to instructor) $15 (for use of paints in class and some other materials)
Experience:  Suitable for all levels.  Moderate physical activity involved (standing, walking, etc)

Playing with Paints on Fabric -
                                                  Mickey Lawler

Backyard Fern (Mickey Lawler)

Backyard Fern (Mickey Lawler)

In a relaxed atmosphere of warmth and good humor, students will spend the day becoming familiar with non-toxic transparent permanent textile paints, mixing, and applying the paints to cotton fabric for use in quilts. Students will paint sun-prints, leaf prints, create wonderful textures, garden fabrics, etc. and generally complete about 2 - 4 yards of fabric. The designs produced are a combination of planning and serendipity and give the students a hands-on basis for future exploration in hand-coloring fabric.

Supply list will be emailed to
confirmed workshop attendees