Let's Make Waves

Let's Make Waves

Let's Make Waves Workshop
with Karen Eckmeier
Date: November 5, 2013
Time: 9:30a - 3:30p (setup begins at 9:00a)

Supply List and Preliminary Instructions


6 Fat Quarters (or bring to workshop fabrics already pre-cut to 18” x 22”) 
If you are planning on making a jacket (optional), please bring a minimum of 1 yard each of the six fabrics.

Color Options**

  • One color gradated from light to dark in 6 values OR
  • 6 different colors OR
  • 1 multi-color print + 5 coordinating fabrics

** please avoid large scale prints


  • Sewing machine (Featherweights are fine, we are only doing a “straight stitch”)
  • Needles – Jeans 70/10 or Quilting 75/11 (these needles are nice and sharp for penetrating many layers – we do not need Topstitching needles)
  • Rotary cutter and large mat (large enough to cut 18” x 22” pieces of fabric)
  • Large and small fabric scissors
  • Long pins with pin cushion/magnet
  • Thread to match fabrics (for topstitching) – cottons, rayons, and/or variegated
  • Neutral color thread for bobbin
  • Seam ripper
  • Chalk pencil or tailor’s chalk (optional)
  • Iron and ironing mat (mini irons work nicely if you already own one)
  • Bring your favorite pattern for a jacket, vest, hat or handbag, so that you can make a Layered Waves fabric to match the size of the pattern pieces (optional)
  • Layered Waves ($24.95) or Wearable Waves ($24) recommended books, but not required for class