Monday, January 13, 2014
Karen Kay Buckley

Meeting / Lecture


January 13, 2014

Karen Kay Buckley Lecture - 
From the Beginning, An Album of Quilts

Karen will take you on a journey through her growth as a quilter.  You will see how the journey started with her first quilt to her most recent work. 


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January 13, 2014 (1 - 4p)
Half-Day Workshop

Class Fee $20 

Hand and Machine Applique the Karen Kay Buckley Way

Come sit and relax while Karen shares her tips for both hand and machine appliqué.  Karen will discuss the items she uses to make it easy to achieve good results.  She will also share some of her organizational tips.  Being organized allows you to finish more projects.  After sharing the items she uses and her organization tips via Power Point, Karen will then demonstrate numerous appliqué tips including how to achieve smooth curves, sharp points, and perfect circles.  Karen will use her camera and projector when demonstrating so no matter where you sit in the room you'll have a great view.  All you need to bring are some note taking items...paper and pencil. Leave your machine at home! This is a great class for people who want to see numerous applique techniques by one of the best. All levels are welcome.

Supply List:  Paper and Pencil.

January 14, 2014 (9:30 - 3:30)
Full Day Workshop     (Setup begins at 9a)

Class Fee $35

Fiesta Mexico Block Three with Border

During Karen's visits to Mexico, she was influenced by the designs and colors of their handmade pottery and flora. She designed a large quilt called "Fiesta Mexico" and the block pictured below is one from that quilt. While sewing on this 10" square block you will learn to sew smooth curves, sharp points and perfect circles. In addition to learning to sew smooth curves, sharp points and perfect circles, you will learn to create and applique perfect 1/4" strips and perfect circles of differing sizes for an exciting border. Intermediate levels and up .

CLICK HERE for Fiesta Mexico Supply List

fiesta mexico image001.jpg