Comfort Quilts at Connecticut Piecemakers

The Connecticut Piecemakers Quilt Guild's comfort quilting effort is headed by dedicated volunteers who make use of donated fabric and batting to create kits for quilts of various sizes. The committee chair-woman selects or designs the patterns and the kits are coordinated with fabrics for the tops, backing and batting for quilts of various sizes, primarily lap quilts.  Members are able to take these kits home and return to a guild meeting's show-and-tell session with quilts for comfort.  Members also make comfort quilts of their own design and selected size. Throughout the year, quilts are donated to comfort people in the communities in our area of Western Connecticut and occasionally beyond. Larger quilts are also donated to organizations to raffle for fundraising.

2016-2017 Quilting Year - Comfort Quilt Totals

During the 2016-2017 quilting year, members made and donated 368 comfort quilts.  365 have been distributed to the following organizations:
West Virginia Flood Victims (15)
Norma Pfriem Urban Outreach (via the United Congregational Church of Bridgeport) (10)
Bridgeport Habitat for Humanity (3)
Ann's Place (9)
American Cancer Society - South Dakota Air Force Base (2)
Smilow Cancer Patient (1)
DCF (11)
New Haven Stepping Stones Transitional Housing (35)
Cancer Patient (unknown) (1)
Bridgeport Rescue Mission (13)
Center for Family Justice (13)
Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (250)

Members are encouraged to pick up a comfort quilt kit at the next meeting or to make one from their stash.  Every member of the guild is asked to please create and contribute at least one comfort quilt each year.  Thank you.

2015-2016 Quilting Year Comfort Quilt Totals

February 2016 - 22 brave souls came out in the storm with comfort quilts
March 2016 - 35 comfort quilts donated
April 2016 - 24 comfort quilts donated
May 2016 - 62 comfort quilts donated

TOTAL for the 2015/16 year -- 411

September 2015 - 69 comfort quilts donated
October 2015 - 22 comfort quilts donated
November 2015 - 52 comfort quilts donated
December 2015 - 79 comfort quilts donated
January 2016 - 44 comfort quilts donated

CLICK HERE    for links to some of the free quilting patterns that we are using for the comfort quilts


2014/15 Quilting year - 411 comfort quilts were distributed

Here is a list of the organizations that received quilts during this guild year:

  • Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (221 quilts!)

  • Friends of Appalachia - quilts taken on an ASP trip to Tennessee

  • Raffle quilt

  • Malta House - program for unwed mothers and their babies

  • Sister Theresa Preschool Program

  • Habitat for Humanity Coastal Fairfield County - volunteers

  • Bhcare Umbrella group - for the Ansonia area

  • The William Ravis Charitable fund - Raffle Quilt

  • Stepping Stones housing - interim housing facility

  • DCF

  • Bridgeport Rescue MissionBridge - for the poor and homeless

  • Fire victims in Bridgeport - 8 families were served


2013-2014 "quilting year" (September 2013 through July 2014)


190 quilts ready to go to the 2013 Hole in the Wall Gang Summer Camp (Comfort Quilt Chairman has a big basement!  Thank Goodness!)

190 quilts ready to go to the 2013 Hole in the Wall Gang Summer Camp (Comfort Quilt Chairman has a big basement!  Thank Goodness!)


Click on the photo to the right to look at the gallery of Comfort Quilts from 2012-2013

There were 456 quilts distributed during the 2013-2014 guild year.
Some of the organizations and individuals who received quilts were:

  • Sister Teresa Preschool Program
  • Bridgeport Rescue Mission
  • Calvary Church - outreach programs
  • Birmingham Group of Ansonia
  • Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fairfield County
  • Center for Family Justice (Bridgeport)
  • Stepping Stone transitional housing (New Haven)
  • Friends of Appalachia
  • Hole in the Wall Camp (175 quilts for campers!)
  • Autism Auction Fundraiser
  • Fundraiser auction for a cancer patient
  • Moms & Babies in Laos auction