Ami Sims Dancing Spools

Ami Sims Dancing Spools

Dancing Spools Workshop
with Ami Simms
Date: April 8, 2014
Time: 9:30a - 3:30p
Setup begins at 9:00a 


Celebrate your love of quilting with this new twist on the traditional spool pattern. Spools are three-dimensional and made from folded squares—there are no set-in seams. Striped fabric will make your 3-D fabric spools look just like the real deal as they dance around on this pushed-neutral background.

Students will create the interior portion of the Dancing Spools quilt (about 24" x 24") during this workshop. Pieced or plain borders can be added at home, with or without the decorative flange shown here, making the finished quilt about 32" with borders.


Supply List and Preliminary Instructions

    Supply list items preceded by * can be purchased in class. Items preceded by ** should be purchased from this web site ( up until 7 days before workshop date and will be hand delivered in class.  Write the name of your guild in the comment section so it gets to the right place.

  •  * Required Kit, $10. Kit includes illustrated pattern, design wall alternative, Sew Easy Guide (a plastic sewing guide that sticks to the bottom of your presser foot), and 13 pre-cut 3" x 3" squares of Soft & Natural needle-punched 100% cotton batting for optional "stuffing" of Thread

Note: Supply list with cutting instructions will be provided by your workshop chairperson after you sign up for this workshop.

  • For BACKGROUND: 36 charm squares (all different) extremely close in value (very light) which "read" as muslin. (One light fabric may also be used.)

  • ** For THREAD: 13 fussy-cut charm squares of striped fabric with stripes running diagonally from corner to corner. Stripes should be no wider than 1/2". Note: One Fat Quarter yields anywhere from 7 to 9 patches when the strips run parallel or perpendicular to the selvage edge, more if the stripes are printed on the diagonal.

  • ** For SPOOLS: 26 squares, medium brown.
  • Sewing machine in good working order that you know how to operate. Acrylic bed would be helpful, if available. Note: BRING ALL SEWING MACHINE FEET THAT FIT YOUR MACHINE, so you can pick the best foot for each task. Seriously.

  • * Neutral thread, pins, small and medium fabric scissors.
  •  Rotary cutter, ruler, and mat. [OPTIONAL]

    Please come to class with fabric cut and one or two extra patches (in case of errors). There will NOT be time to cut fabric in class