Monday, April 4, 2016
Barbara Persing and Mary Hoover
Edge Coloring Applique


Meeting / Lecture


April 4, 2016

Barbara Persing & Mary Hoover Lecture and Trunk Show -
           Edge Coloring Applique

This is a very inspiring lecture with a huge trunk show. And this applique technique is approachable by every level of quilter.

Barbara Pershing has been quilting for more than 25 years.  She finds joy in creating pictorial art quilts, combining her own techniques for painting with ink on cotton to create her designs. Thread is an important part of her quilts and adds the dimension and texture that is needed to bring the images to life.
She and her sister, Mary Hoover are Fourth and Sixth Designs and are sometimes called the Strata Girls, thanks to their book StrataVarious Quilts and their workshops and lectures.  They are fabric designers for Island Batik.

..... from their biography on the website .......

Barbara and Mary are award winning quilt artists and their quilts have been published in many quilting magazines and have been featured in Keepsake Quilting and Clotilde. They were born the fourth and sixth children in a close knit family in south Jersey. Their mother taught these Jersey girls garment sewing at the young age of ten. Skilled in all areas of sewing, Barbara began quilting in 1983 during the long New England winters while her husband attended the University of New Hampshire. She moved to Pennsylvania in 1990 and continued quilting as a hobby. In 2000 she left the corporate world to start her long arm quilting business, Quilted Heirlooms. Mary began quilting in 1992 when she moved to upstate New York. As a stay at home mom, she needed a creative outlet and immediately knew quilting was the answer she was looking for. She began teaching quilting classes in 1993 and eventually opened a quilt shop in 1999. Despite living 300 miles apart, Barbara and Mary began collaborating shortly after the start of their own businesses. This collaboration quickly became a partnership which has grown into the pattern and design company, Fourth & Sixth Designs. In 2008, C&T Publishing released their first book, StrataVarious Quilts. And in 2013 became fabric designers for Island Batik.

For further information about Barbara Persing or Fourth and Sixth Designs, click on the links below.

Barbar Persing

Fourth and Sixth Designs

April 4, 2016 (1 - 4p)
Half-Day Workshop

Class Fee $20 ($30 for non-members)
Materials Fee $10 (payable to instructors)
Experience:  Suitable for all levels
Sewing machine required

Drunkard's Path Workshop-
               Barbara Persing & Mary Hoover

This drunkard's path workshop will be a great way to come and learn the edge coloring applique technique.  

The Monday afternoon workshop description can be found by clicking on the Page 1 link below.

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April 5, 2016 (9:30a - 3:30p)

Full-Day Workshop     (Setup begins at 9a)

Class Fee $35  ($50 for non-members)
Materials Fee $10 (payable to instructors)
Experience:  Suitable for all levels
Sewing machine required

Edge Coloring Applique - 
    Barbara Persing & Mary Hoover

Students will learn the basics of edge coloring applique while making one of their choice of two patterns.  No advance preparation is required and, while not required,  templates will be available for purchase.

Use the following links below to display the two possible patterns.  The second page of each file displayed has the materials list for the class for that particular pattern.

Pillow Three pattern picture and materials list

Pillow Four pattern picture and materials list